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General Chat Thread, Applying for a job outside of Education in General; So im applying for a job outside education. Just been on the phone to try and find out abit of ...
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    Applying for a job outside of Education

    So im applying for a job outside education. Just been on the phone to try and find out abit of information regarding the system they have no one and tell me.

    But im getting a call back from the HR manager tomorrow so a few things I was going to ask.......

    1 - System infrastructure wise (Person Spec does say Server 2008 and Hyper V but thats all)
    2 - Future Projects and developments they would like implementing
    3 - Staffing (would I be the only member of IT staff)

    These are some of things Ive thought of anyone else got any ideas of what I could ask?


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    Who do you report to?
    How stable is the company in the current climate (asked that one at my own job interview.... They were surprisingly forthright with their answer too!)
    What would your core tasks be
    What could you reasonably be expected to take on, as well as the IT job

    Good luck!

    Not sure you'll get much in the way of system infrastructure.... Now that I'm in private sector, I wouldn't be telling everyone about OUR infrastructure!!!

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    Not sure how much someone in HR would know about system infrastructure and future projects - they are more likely to be able to tell you about staff levels, reporting structure, etc

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