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General Chat Thread, iPhone in General; Integrating digital camera's into phone's was the best thing to ever happen, but you only realise this when it's a ...
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    Re: iPhone

    Integrating digital camera's into phone's was the best thing to ever happen, but you only realise this when it's a decent camera.

    For a night out and random daily shots the camera in my N73 is great. My last phone with 2.1megapixels was adequate too. If I can manage to get a 5+mp next time I'll probably never bother with a seperate camera again.

    I never want to take the one I have now out with me but my phone's always in my pocket.

    If I was on a data tarif I'd probably be on MSN all the time, unfortunately I'm not so other than calls and a hell of a lot of texts I only really use it to demo the newest prerelease CDs I've got, my morning alarm clock, convertor, calulator and calendar.

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    Re: iPhone

    Quote Originally Posted by kerrymoralee9280
    A badge is everything though in this materialistic world (is that a word or have I just made it up?).

    A Skoda is built on VW chassis' but people still buy the VW because of the badge, even if they have to pay a couple more grand for it.

    dont talk crazy!!

    everyone knows skodas are made of sponge cake

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    Re: iPhone

    Clearly the real question is, does it run Linux?
    Won't be long Geoff:


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    Re: iPhone

    Oooh, bluetooth fuzzing. That's fun down the pub that one.

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    Re: iPhone

    Seems O2 are going to be selling them in the UK, and they seem to be the same versions as the US. There is still 3 or 4 months for this to change tho.

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