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General Chat Thread, Authority in General; “I work at a special needs school so none of the above problems - bliss!” They really are the best, ...
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    Re: Authority

    “I work at a special needs school so none of the above problems - bliss!”
    They really are the best, I could never move to meainstream after being in special needs. When I was at Fountaindale most of the kids thought all the staff where 21. 31st birthday no problem the kids say happy 21st.

    It’s very rare to see support staff do anything but we do have the same powers as teachers. I have keep kids in during break before.

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    Re: Authority

    I like to distance myself from disciplining the students... I suppose if they were causing me a problem directly, like the thread author, I would say something but most of the time the only 'argument' is them begging me to restore internet access...

    My centre manager is very strict with the girls and sits closer to where they may cause problems. First I know is normally another member of staff shouting...

    ...then I ban internet

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    Re: Authority

    Quote Originally Posted by broc
    My team members always carry radios; the threat of 'move on or we will call SMT & you can explain to them why you have disobeyed a direct instruction from a member of staff.....' works quite well.

    The biggest problem I find in a large school is not being able to name the guilty... I sometime wish I had one of those police 'head-cams' to gather evidence
    We don't have radios (altho' I have suggested a pair of PMR's for me and my NM), but my old Aiptek PenCam might come in handy again one day.

    My initial "best form of defence is attack" ploy does seem to have worked. All teaching and support staff have the same level of authority here and, as has been said, I know how to switch off their internet access, even for "non-computer" transgressions.

    We've just completed a "behaviour audit" prior to a real hard line with the new year 7's (they're not big and they're not clever) next term, as it has been a surprise to see in objective terms just how many pupils are in the highest category, and just how few individuals are responsible for spoiling things for everyone else.

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