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General Chat Thread, What inventions have you come up with but can't be bothered to make? in General; Originally Posted by twin--turbo We came up with the CoBOC. ===== Once, An unusual end to a discussion in the ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by twin--turbo View Post
    We came up with the CoBOC.

    Once, An unusual end to a discussion in the office "Laser of coldness" lead the research team to do some quite extensive investigation. Obviously the idea of a Cold Laser Beam is likely to be a total impossibility unless someone can show us a working design.

    More research turned up little on cold weapons, so the research has begun into developing a weapon of cold. Popular culture has numerous super human or Alien characters that have Freeze Rays, we decided that "Freeze Ray" was a bit lame and not as catchy as LASER.

    And, Cold Amplified by Stimulated Emissions of something beginning with "R" was never going to sit well.

    The design also had to be able to send a beam of coldness , no stray "blast" just a nice beam.

    Therefore the CoBOC was born.

    The "Coherant Beam Of Cold"

    Unfortunately initial research has failed to come up with even the beginnings of a practical design.

    The research Continues.

    I need one of these. One of our engineers insists that the room is a sauna and half of us are shivering. I'd like to blast him with this until he shivers, but having known him for over 12 years and having watched him walk home at 2am on a -3 January night in a T-shirt I shan't hold my breath...

    Quote Originally Posted by Earthling
    I thought that was a spell in WoW, until I discovered Jose Cuervo.
    You're thinking of 'Cone of Cold' - that will be sufficient also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Earthling View Post
    I thought that was a spell in WoW, until I discovered Jose Cuervo.
    Shouldn't that be the Incoherant Beam of Cold?

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    Failed my patent as there were somethings that infringed others...but here you go

    Solar panels on trains (on the roof, both sides of the train) and wind turbines between train stantions (100 stantions to the mile, 2 turbines between every stantion = 1 every 8 metres). Use that to generate a large portion of the electricity needed to run the trains. As a train passes the wind turbine the force will generate some spin on it, factor in wind as it is and it will be generating a lot of power. This could then be used to reduce the cost of the running of the trains and all providers could lower the cost of using the trains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nephilim View Post
    and all providers could lower the cost of using the trains.
    Which they wouldn't...

    To them, lower running costs just mean a higher profit margin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twin--turbo View Post
    The friction would generate heat.

    Not on that scale, heat is just particle movement, if you oppose that movement with an equal and opposite force it nullifies the movement therby decreasing the temperature. This is not theoritical, it is a working device that has been built and used in many universities. It only works on single particles suspended in a vacume but it works. Assuming suitable sensors, cpu pover and accurate enough photon emmiters you could scale it up but the tech is out of reach at the moment.

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