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General Chat Thread, Google Apps For Education - A human contact in General; Big thanks to @ edutech4schools for lending some time to help me out...
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    Big thanks to @edutech4schools for lending some time to help me out

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    I'm having the same difficulties... can you give me a hand

    Let me know and I'll PM the details of the problems over to you.


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    So frustrating waiting for Google Apps to kick in for Education.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AngryTechnician View Post
    You only get telephone support via a PIN that is specific to your account
    It is that initial contact which I find really annoying. You have to enter a PIN into the phone, and then when someone answers they ask you for your domain name, and then your PIN again. One of my pet hates is when phone systems take information that isn't passed on to the agent at the other end.

    To make matters even worse, the last time I called in, I was answered by a heavily accented person who couldn't understand our domain name when I said it to him, and wasn't even able to understand the letters when I spelled out our (22-character!) domain name. I offered him my PIN number instead (since this is unique to our domain), and he said he couldn't verify that PIN without first having the domain name! I asked that he transfer my call to someone who could understand the English alphabet, and was told he can't transfer the call until I have been verified!!

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