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General Chat Thread, Which AV does Symantec use?!? in General; Read on to find out Did you guess correctly? N...
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    Which AV does Symantec use?!?

    Read on to find out

    Did you guess correctly?


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    Re: Which AV does Symantec use?!?

    Like it!

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    Re: Which AV does Symantec use?!?

    HAHA, at least MS do it correctly, they use LiveOne Care

    OT - I remember my first presentation setup at work I did, it was for staff inset and it was the bursar to all staff and he had just done the IT notices welcoming the new super charged team who had worked there ass's off all summer to catch up with the backlog of work that was left behind etc and then there it was boof Sophos poped up saying that that laptop had Blaster on it, he didn't know what to say, all we said was whoops, well we have irradicated it from all network PCs that laptop was in the back of a cupboard still to do, turned out all 8 of them had it but they hadn't been used for ages so had been forgotten about

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