[align=left]Kent Multiple Scierosis Therapy Centre

Each July (06/07/2007 to 08/07/2006) a fund raising event takes place whereby teams from all parts of the British Isles gather in Snowdonia, Wales.

The CHALLENGE is to carry a wheelchair passenger with MS, safely over a demanding 10 kilometre, mountain course.

The course is set around a Forestry Commission Trail and comprises of steep slopes, fences to climb, rocky ground and at least one river crossing.

I have joined the team again this year on this challenge due to a very close friend "Iain Hamill" having being diagnosed with severe Multiple Sclerosis for his age (28),

Iain has volunteered to be the passenger of our team again.

So now here is your chance to help our team.

Looking for you to dig deep in to those lovely pockets of yours and come and put your name on my sponsor sheet on-line at http://www.justgiving.com/colingower

Thank you
Colin Gower