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General Chat Thread, Head asked to block mobile phone signals in school... in General; Originally Posted by JJonas When I looked into mobile phone detectors a couple of years ago, they would only detect ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JJonas View Post
    When I looked into mobile phone detectors a couple of years ago, they would only detect a phone while it was communicating with its mast, which only happens every now and again or while a call is being made.
    Not true. When my dad was in hospital a while back, there were detectors at the main entrance which would scream if you had a phone on, regardless of what it was doing (and this was pre-smartphones).

    Detectors would, of course, rely on the phone being turned on so unless you put one in every classroom, they wouldn't stop people turning them on and off as needed.

    Quote Originally Posted by JJonas View Post
    In addition to this they would only tell you that there was a phone switched on in range of the detector they could not tell you the location of the phone.
    Certainly true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sted View Post
    presumably the phone would go ooh a closer network point lets try and authenticate . . . damn im not allowed on that wheres the next closest cell
    In which case, that would be illegal interception of communications and possibly interference as well as it wouldn't be a legitimate cell operating on that frequency.

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    We have managed 3G data disabling on the following devices
    Samsung SAFE (V2+)
    LG (V1.0+)

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