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General Chat Thread, Sometimes it's the little things in General; ... that make your day. Yesterday I sent out an email to everyone saying I now have a visualiser for ...
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    Sometimes it's the little things

    ... that make your day.

    Yesterday I sent out an email to everyone saying I now have a visualiser for every class that doesn't already have one (they are very well used here, and the pupils love showing off their work!) and for people to let me know when a good time to install it for them is.

    The first reply I get was this;

    You are so good Pete... I don't need a visualiser (already had one from you before) but I just thought I would let you know that what you do makes a real difference to what we can do in the classroom.
    Add that to the fact that the house I want to buy has come back on the market this morning & I'm smiling

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    I got a card from a teacher thanking me for setting up a new laptop for her. SO nice as I rarely get thanked by anyone.

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    There's one department that often reward me for doing my job or resolving really trivial issues. The other day the HoD gave me some wine gums just because she saw they were on offer at the supermarket and knows I like them!

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