Poll: Do you (as a primary school) want donated hardware?

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General Chat Thread, Primary Schools - Hardware donations, yes or no? in General; I suspect the answer is "er, thanks but we want new kit just like you" from what I recall on ...
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    Primary Schools - Hardware donations, yes or no?

    I suspect the answer is "er, thanks but we want new kit just like you" from what I recall on here, especially if there's no on-site support.

    But poll anyway....

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    Donated kit is far more hassle than it's worth, school has to be in a bad, bad place to make that a worthwhile option

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    When i first started where i am now we had very little in the way of decent PCs so we were very happy to get donated gear, it helped me build up the network to where i wanted it to look like then replace those machines over time with new ones. I'd still take 2nd hand gear to be honest if it's in decent nick. Some of the first lot of donated gear is still going in the library

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    It depends upon the spec and quantity. I don’t want old tat and I don’t want one off’s it takes far too long to create an image and set them up for that to be even considered.

    I’m not against second hand kit although it does have its draw backs with warranty, shorter life cycle etc… Without second hand kit I wouldn’t have been able to swap out the P4s in our Suite with core2duos (E8400). The main problem is finding machines such as the E8400 at reasonable pricing because unless you are paying a lot less than you would for say a new i3 it’s not worth it.

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    For us, we don't mind taking it so long as it'll fit in with our environment (i.e. computers will run Windows 7 decently)... which generally means kit people want to keep and aren't willing to give away

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    We have a number of smaller primaries who are screaming for kit even if it is 4-6 years old ... older than that makes it difficult to rely on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by achedgy View Post
    Donated kit is far more hassle than it's worth, school has to be in a bad, bad place to make that a worthwhile option
    Absolutely not! I have had some great kit from others, notably @Netman on here, and it has been very useful. Far better than our old kit - good enough to run Win 7 on. I used the computers to replace the really old beasts in the IT suite and then as extras here and there around the school.
    I have also had a job lot of 15in flatscreen monitors from the local high school - this was when we still had a bunch of CRTs and it allowed me to to get rid of them and enter at least the 20th century.
    I also know of a couple of local companies who donate kit coming to the end of its three year warranty - I would certainly take that!
    I am happy to take old kit in either of my schools as long as it is better than what we have got and it works.
    * there should be a straight "Yes" in the poll
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    I've done a lot of wheeling and dealing between schools round here, getting them to sell one-another kit, offloading unwanted stuff from one school to another etc; if it's still working, then what's the problem? It's gotten some schools out of some seriously sticky wickets, generally helped some others out and means working kit hasn't just been binned. In all cases it's all Portable Appliance Tested (and gets redone at the new place obviously!) and relevant transfer notes sorted.

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