Hello everybody!

I have unfortunately lost my job as I ruptured my patella tendon whilst in my probation period, not bitter at my employer at all... they looked after me for 2 months, it took the hospital along time to operate and being misfed information probably didn't help with the employment situation.

So, I am quite good at programming, support and most aspects of IT but looking for projects/work to do is hard, peopleperhour and those freelancer type sites will have you bid at below minimum wage for providing the earth (but I am of course bidding still!).

I have been self employed before but I was then able to travel and it looks like I'm somewhat limited with this to remote work. I am tempted to try 'cold calling' but, again I am so limited with the travel/mobility situation I am not sure it's going to be worthwhile!

I guess I'm looking for suggestions from you knowledgeable types for what I could do? I really don't want to solely rely on benefits, I'd rather earn min wage than be on benefits!

All ideas welcome!