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Distilus is an interactive catalogue dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and culture of distilled alcoholic beverages. We represent the largest collection of distilled spirits in the world comprising of over 1100 brands located in 100 countries. We have undertaken the immense task of archiving every known alcoholic spirit in the world. With the dedication and passion of our community we have now become the most comprehensive archive of distilled spirits online. Our goal to protect the history and culture of brands from the world for everyone to enjoy is our key motivation...
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The website invites visitors to comment on the viewed page [couldn't find any comments] The site also makes suggestions [you might also like...]

Perhaps the site would be enhanced if it were to supply a review of the currently viewed beverage but I would say over all not bad [not a drinker of distilled products myself but I can see this coming in useful for when I am looking for gift ideas for dad...]