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General Chat Thread, Capita Outsourcing in General; Originally Posted by gl2u2 Unfortunately, despite their pretence Capita really don't care about their employees or their customers. The bottom ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gl2u2 View Post
    Unfortunately, despite their pretence Capita really don't care about their employees or their customers. The bottom line is ALWAYS about the money. BSF was the worst thing that ever happended to schools in the UK. Capita know that BSF is dead in the water and now they are just trying to screw as much as they can out of what's left in the pot.
    That's perhaps a little harsh with such a generalistic statement

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkeh View Post
    Rather simplistic way of looking at it.
    The more jobs that are outsourced the more people are unemployed (and with the current climate more likely to stay unemployed for a while) which puts more strain on our welfare system and less money going into the economy which ends up costing us anyway. And personally I would like to see people staying jobs.
    Yes the more things that are outsourced might loose a few jobs but at the end of the day in the UK if somebody outsources to capita it just means that people are employed by capita rather then by the government. Our LEA has outsourced its entire IT dept to capita in recent months, pretty much everybody went with it or took early retirement I believe.

    Outsourcing to abroad is a whole different kettle of fish though.

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    This is one of the very reasons why I left a certain company to work directly for a school. Many people thought it was slightly strange to want to move from private sector to public in such a way, however working for a school feels far more rewarding and more importantly for me and my family, far safer too, even with budgetary problems that schools face every day. Business is hard and usually it has to be that way for some businesses to survive. Not saying that's the case here, I don't think any of us will ever know the true reasons, but it's hardly a surprise.

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