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General Chat Thread, Email Fail! in General; Student loan company leaks thousands of email addresses - PC Advisor I'm sure the person that did this got a ...
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    Email Fail!

    Student loan company leaks thousands of email addresses - PC Advisor

    I'm sure the person that did this got a right earful...

    Not sure whether it is worth letting students know about this and to remind them to be cautious?
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    The idiots. All the students whose email addresses have been exposed in this way will be targeted with the student loans scam emails and malware.

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    The student loan company is beyond a joke, they send you abusive letters with incorrect details in, you get them corrected and then 6 months later the same problems still exist.

    If you dare move jobs they threaten to fine you unless you tell them immediately if you are working unemployed or gone abroad. Ironic really when you changed jobs 6 months earlier but there system is so bloody slow they only just noticed despite fact you have paid the bumbling idiots over 500 already since changing jobs. They are like the amateur version of the taxman, even slower, even ruder and even more inept.

    I just ignore letters from them now, it's usally them asking you to update there records of where you live, despite sending the letter to your home address and if you didn't live there then you would never have got there stupid letter. Student debt should be to the government, not sold off to some private company to make a profit on with a higher interest rate then Mortgage Payments despite what is claimed by the government. But lets face it, that would make our national debt look worse, much like the government taking on Royal Mail pension liabilities makes us look like we are 28billion better off, when in fact in 10 years like we will have spent about 40billion. It's all about political gains.

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    Well I have three students - so I will let you know!!

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    I have let our Finance Department know. They will handle the notification of our, potentially, affected students as they see fit.


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