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General Chat Thread, Online prescription glasses. Does anyone buy them? in General; Yes one of the issues with ordering from the Internet is what if they don't fit quite right but I'm ...
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    Yes one of the issues with ordering from the Internet is what if they don't fit quite right but I'm sure that anyone who's worn glasses for a while can probably adjust them a bit themselves.

    The one measurement you need that won't be on your prescription is the Pupillary Distance, i.e the distance between the centre of the pupils.

    This is measured after the eye test and it doesn't hurt to ask for it yourself they don't have to provide it but most will.

    Otherwise you can measure it yourself either with some help or even with an app.


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    even with an app.
    On an iPhone? Really?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edu-IT View Post
    On an iPhone? Really?!
    No on an eyePhone ;-)

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    Well, my first pair from Goggles4u.com came through today and I'm very impressed. The optics are good for cheap lenses (they are plastic and not as good as glass ones in terms of durability and scratch resistance IMO) and for a £20 pair of glasses fitted as per my prescription look and feel good. Certainly better than the £14 'reading' glasses you can pick up off the shelf in supermarkets/chemists. They did take about 20 days to arrive though (from the US) and I was going to email them next week to chase them up.

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