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General Chat Thread, Tyres - Anyone used part-worn before? in General; Retreads - no doubt the source is a little bias but they are extensively used on lorries, buses and Aeroplanes ...
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    Retreads - no doubt the source is a little bias but they are extensively used on lorries, buses and Aeroplanes (and look how many miles one of them does on a set!).

    A large number of part Worn's come from Germany where the law dictates that in winter drivers change to winter tyres. Managed fleets just sell on the old carcases rather than hold them to refit in spring.

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    Think of it like insurance. It's no different to gambling, however unlike gambling you've got a better chance of being the winner but always a chance of being a loser. Retreads and part worns are, by the majority, no less safe than brand new, good quality tyres. If you've had a bad experience, you've had a bad experience on crap tyres and the fact they were PW/RT makes no odds. Could equally have the same on new tyres. The myths and tall stories surrounding this subject have always made me laugh! Personally I tend to go for budget tyres (Runway Enduro normally) at around £40 a corner but I do have a pair of "part worns" on mine currently. I know the car they came from, I know it's a cat C write-off where someone went into it's arse but such an accident does not have an impact on the tyres which were in this case just a few months old and did max 100 miles in that time!
    Use common sense on the subject.

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    I have some part worns if anyone is interested

    3 x Falken FK452
    275/35zr19 96y

    Approx 6mm tread

    PM if you're interested, I'm not looking for anything much. Been sitting in my shed for 4 months.


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    Star Tyres in Preston.

    Got a pair of Dunlops for the from and Michelins for the rear. £40 each for tyre and fitting, you wouldn't know they weren't new! Been great so far

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