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General Chat Thread, Tyres - Anyone used part-worn before? in General; i use part worn tyres on my car. always buy from the same place (as that's all they deal in) ...
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    i use part worn tyres on my car. always buy from the same place (as that's all they deal in) and get a very good price. just got the front 2 switched, 64 quid for both inc. balancing and fitting. they look pretty much brand new so can't complain there!

    always do a quality job and have quality stuff, but it very much depends on the place.

    oh, and they're most likely a bunch of pikeys, but thats fine, as with all second hand car stuffs...

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    Thanks everyone. Lot's of food for thought there. Alternatively I can just get a new tyre +bloke in a van to visit work and fit it there and then, cheaper than going to a garage and much more convienient.

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    I use 'em. Never had a problem in the last few years.

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    Personally I wouldn't use part-worn. Its the thing keeping you on the road and ultimately the most important part of the car.

    They dont always work out economically viable, paying 50% of the price for a tyre with 60-70% of the tread isn't really worth the difference for a new one, especially when you have to get them fitted, balanced more often.

    Can the wheel locking differences between the difference be sorted? If it was say the wheel speed sensors, they'll likely be less than a new tyre of that size/width. Or is the common fault more engine management?

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    As a motorcyclist, tyres are especially important for me. I have used part worn tyres but only when I've known exactly where they have come from and have thoroughly inspected them. There are a variety of reasons why part worns become available. You just need to trust the source. And avoid re-cuts which are illegal.

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    I would reccomend part worns but only if they are in good condition with no repairs or damage. I know my dad has used them in the past and does 40K+ miles a year with no problems.

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    I use PWs all the time now and have done for about 8 years; they come from the same place I used to get my new tyres from, the place that I've been using for 20 odd years.

    The thing I notice about most of the PWs I have is that they have had a puncture repair; some people just won't use a repaired tyre.

    I switched to PWs because I stopped doing any high speed motorway driving and now potter about like the old gust of wind that I am.

    On the rare occasion (one every two or three months) I go on the motorway I might hit 70mph when overtaking a lorry, otherwise I tend to drive a steady 60mph.

    Mind you the quality of the car I drive has dropped now from the sub-three year old car (at time of purchase) to the cheapest clunker I can find. If I put new tyres on the car they'd double the value of the car.
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    I know someone who's had two part worns blow on him - one shredded and one just sort of fell apart. He is a bit tight though so might have bought really cheap ones from the scrappy.

    I on the other hand haven't had to buy a tyre in about 6 years now because I don't keep my cars long enough to wear them out - I just get a new one + also I only do about 6 - 7K miles a year.

    I also have a skid warning thingy on my latest car and it went off when going around a particularly sharp turn a few weeks back. Maybe they're a bit too sensitive.


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    I'm looking forward to one day having a car with that level of tech under the bonnet. Purely so I can turn it off. I don't want technology dictating anything, bar the autobox. The day I need a computer to tell me I'm traction challenged and need to cut the power, you can put me to bed with a shovel...tail-end drifting is half the fun.

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