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General Chat Thread, If you work in IT... in General; Done as well!...
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    Done as well!

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    Done, different viewpoint as internet here is charged by the GB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SYNACK View Post
    Done, different viewpoint as internet here is charged by the GB.
    If I was an Aussie ISP, I would too. Can you imagine how much it costs them in danger money?

    ISP: "Yeah, we need you to go out and repair the fibre between here and here"
    Tech: "Pardon?"
    ISP: "You know, fibre - between A & B - it's currently fubar. Blasted kangroos keep trying to get free cable?"
    Tech: "Are you mad? This is Australia, mate, there's more things likely to kill me between A & B than a whole month defusing unexploded ordnance in Afghanistan. You don't pay us enough for that!"
    ISP: *sighs and pays for another armed escort with an HGV full of marsupial, reptile, insect and ocker repellant*

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    Done. We're kinda unique as we have a college partner who do our backups with their backup gear, over a fibre that during the day is used to support their block on our site, but at night was doing nothing.

    So, offsite, not in an owned building but not in the cloud either. Works well when you have a 100Mb fibre dedicated to it!

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