Hi all,

Near us we have a small Primary school in the middle of nowhere. They have this habit of doing exceptionally well at Lego Robotics and for the third time in five years have beaten off dozens of other teams and won the right to compete in the World Championships in America. Now they need to get 9 kids, a few staff and a few parents to St Louis for a little over a week. They are obviously after as much sponsorship and help as possible. £200 will get a company name on a T-Shirt they will be wearing whilst there, but they're after raffle prizes and any other donation they can get too. If anyone is able to help, either by giving something or passing the info on to people who can help, please do so! You can contact the school on 01394 448313 or email Derek at tsm.roboteam@btinternet.com or PM me. More about the competition itself can be found at FIRST LEGO League | FLL is the result of an exciting alliance between FIRST® and the LEGO Group.

Thank you


P.S. One of the students is the son of Caron, my colleague here.