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General Chat Thread, I would like to congratulate.... in General; Wales were terrible at getting the ball out fast, same for most of these teams, what I don't get comparing ...
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    Wales were terrible at getting the ball out fast, same for most of these teams, what I don't get comparing us to someone like New Zealand/Australia, when they play anyone who is at the back of a ruck or maul will get the ball out fast as possible, be it prop, flanker or center, whereas we all have to wait and rely on the scrum half to get the ball out, it slows us up no end, the tempo was bad for the games because of this, when its slow the defending team has enough time to regroup ready.

    Myself from playing front row at club level until a few years ago hate what scrums have become now, you can tell with referees in particular that a lot of them have never played within the front 5 at any point from school onwards, rules wise in some respects their safer than before, but theres just too much messing around with the start of a scrum now from my point of view.

    I looked at Barnes, because when he reffed us the other week, he was quite poor with managing the scrum restarts and he was bad for it yesterday, at times he dealt with scotland quite harshly, considering they changed front row players and he just went about ordering penalties and free kicks without resetting, Barnes is bad for me because he actually drags out the whole 4 stages at times - the "sit, touch, pause and engage" sometimes lingering over the engage to give penalties and free kicks away because the physics of a scrum.

    When your leaning forward ready to engage, you cant necessarily control the weight from behind and prevent yourself going forward at that point, because your balance relies on being in contact with the person opposite in the front row. I would like now to see referees going back to resetting scrums until they get things right rather than looking to award penalties/free kicks at the first instance, it will become a pointless restart otherwise like rugby league.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rich_tech View Post
    Regarding that supposed final try, I am sure I heard the commentating team state that if there is any doubt they simply cannot award it, dont know if thats a rule or not, but its obvious from what we all saw that no one could be 100% on whether its a try or not, regardless of national bias.
    "If there is doubt about which team first grounded the ball in the in-goal, play is re-started by a 5-metre scrum, in line with the place where the ball was grounded. The attacking team throws in the ball.", i.e. the try is not awarded. Regulation 22.15

    The ball became dead when it went over the line after the elapsed match time "The ball becomes dead when the referee would have awarded a scrum, lineout, an option to the non-infringing team, drop out or after a conversion or successful penalty kick at goal." Regulation 5.7(e), so there was no scrum and the match was ended.

    Quote Originally Posted by mattx View Post
    ...Hardly any handbags too which was surprising for an England / Wales game !!
    I agree

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