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General Chat Thread, Gove to ban term time holidays. in General; Originally Posted by Flatpackhamster Gove's saying that headteachers should have the power of sanction, and they should. They do already. ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flatpackhamster View Post
    Gove's saying that headteachers should have the power of sanction, and they should.
    They do already. A letter asking permission has to be sent to the Head and it is their discretion to allow it or not. If not, and the holiday goes ahead, it is marked as an unauthorised absence, and in conjunction with a pattern of other absences, other holidays and so on, may get the child and parents flagged up to Education Welfare who then have the power to take the parents to court.

    So what is Gove actually suggesting? Or is he just making noise again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrumbleDook View Post
    The parents are saying, "I don't recognise that the extra-curricular stuff is valuable to my child."
    As is the school that dishes out lots of homework.. when you both work, have to use after school clubs etc. that adds lots of pressure on available time, and ultimately the child.

    Read and recoiled from a 'quality' press weekend article recently which was a recipe for getting your unfortunate state Primary kid in the same ball park as one at a posh prep school... in year 5 & 6 you're supposed to trade extra-curricular for academic grind. Way I see it year 5 & 6 are probably the last opportunity to still have a decent conversations etc. with Sprogette until at least 2025 and I'm not planning to waste that manically sharpening her exam passing skills. She's sat behind me now doing some piano practice and she loves doing it - given the merest hint that the repetition required for passing the next grade is threatening that love, then doing grades will be history. Exams matter to an extent, but so does being a child without premature adult concerns/pressures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flatpackhamster View Post
    See what happens when you only read the biased left-wing press?
    Funny, I could have sworn it was the Torygraph that I read it in... As that is the only paper in the common room here, I think it must have been!

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    I think that taking my children on holiday is educational, I don't take them out when it is exam time and only for a couple of days at the end of term. It is for financial reasons as we are not on film star wages. The experiences they have can't be replicated through a tv program, experiencing a different environment, the shock on their face on seeing a real banana tree. (They were younger then.) Seeing huge ants, toroises etc. I think it is worth it.

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