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    Excel project for Year 5/6


    I'm not sure if we have a section for this type of thing. If so please move it to where it belongs

    I am after some ideas on how to build a spreadsheet project for some year 5/6 pupils for this afternoon. I was thinking about building a media company and having a group of pupils for each department. I was then going to give them a budget for each department. And throughout the lesson bring up some impromptu costs such as server failure resulting in new Controller card cost £xxx.xx etc. But I'm not sure how I can get this to work for a whole class.

    Any ideas on how I can plan something like this?

    TIA, its most appreciated.

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    I'm a big fan of Simon Haughton's resources, and his Excel lessons are excellent.

    I recommend either "introducing spreadsheets" Simon Haughton's Blog: Introducing Spreadsheets
    or his "Theme Park" Simon Haughton's Blog: Theme Park Spreadsheets

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