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General Chat Thread, Embarrassing FAIL of the week... in General; Originally Posted by localzuk Try the south west... Lush is used constantly here. I concur. Even more so since Gavin ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by localzuk View Post
    Try the south west... Lush is used constantly here.

    I concur. Even more so since Gavin & Stacey was on the Beeb....

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    Quote Originally Posted by westleya View Post
    ...or 'Lush'.
    Lush is still in heavy use in Northants as well.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rawns View Post
    Phoned up the Vet on Wednesday to book Dexter in to have the 'chop'. The receptionist asked me what Dexter was. For some reason, I had a complete mind shut-down and could not think! He's a ragdoll kitten but I could not recall it at the time! The receptionist asked again after a few moments of silence desperate to say something, I blurted out loudly in a high pitched voice:

    "He's a PUSSYCAT!"

    Around me in the office, heads peeped over monitors to give me "WTF" looks. Should have sad "He's a cat"......should have "He's a cat".
    I had a moment like this a while ago; driving along normally when the front of a black Audi that had been behind me for a few miles suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree and a siren sounded.

    I stopped and got out of the car to talk to the officer but do you think I could remember where I lived?

    While I was struggling to get my thoughts back in order the other officer got out of the car and quite alarmingly was reaching for his pepper / CS spray. Thankfully a quick hand gesture from the first officer sent his colleague back into their car.

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    Rawns (7th February 2012)

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    Quote Originally Posted by laserblazer View Post
    We were on holiday when the kids were young and my wife was tired so I took them to one of those very big crazy golf places. When we left I drove out of the huge car park only to be stopped by the guy on the gate "Haven't you forgotten something sir? he asked. I then noticed in the rear view mirror, two little ones running and waving frantically.
    After a lovely meal in a cafe my parents, sister and I emerge to find that it is persistently raining. I was about 12, my sister 15, so my dad says he'll go and get the car while we wait in the dry. 15 minutes later we are all asking where dad's got to as it's only a 5 minute walk to where the car was parked. Another 15 minutes later we are wondering if dad's been involved in an accident driving back to pick us up.

    Just then dad appears. After some "intense questioning" from my mum he confesses that he had actually driven all the way home before realising that he'd forgotten a few things...

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    My FAIL of the week:

    Phone rings...

    Staff: Toner has gone, can we have a new one please?
    Me: Sure, I'll bring one over.

    I get there with a brand new Samsung toner, after a good 5 minutes of trying to get it to fit I realise that our supplier must of sent me the wrong toner.
    Me: They've sent us the wrong toner, we should have another, be back in 5 mins.

    I go back with yet another new Samsung toner, only to find that this one does not fit either, I'm thinking WTF is wrong??
    Me: This one won't fit either, I'll get onto our supplier to see what's happened.

    After an hour back in the office I realised that they have a HP printer, not a Samsung. Even though it was right infront of me I couldn't work out what was going on, and both toners are completley different in size...

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