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General Chat Thread, The Mini Countryman is NOT a Mini! in General; Originally Posted by Andrew_C NCAP 4* rated. Don't know how, but they ARE safe! The front crumple zone is fairly ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew_C View Post
    NCAP 4* rated. Don't know how, but they ARE safe!
    The front crumple zone is fairly effective since unlike most cars there isn't a big lump of iron in there (this engine is in the back).

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    Quote Originally Posted by elsiegee40 View Post
    What colour did you have @salan ? My (now) husband's Allegro was sandglow... he got it from his Dad too!
    It was a blue (not dark or light but a 'solid' blue)

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    I had a Maxi and it was an excellent car at the time. I also had a diesel Maestro that I used for pulling a big boat trailer. It hardly noticed it was there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by witch View Post
    Another car that has become enormous is the Astra - we used to have one that was half the size of my Cavalier but now I think they are bigger
    Yep. Don't like the Astra-H at all. The F, yes, the G, yes..the J, in looks certainly yes..but the H (or MK5) just looked huge with a fat backside. I'd rather push my MK4, or indeed my MK3 come to that.

    And Maestro Diesels - was it the non turbo, or the Perkins Prima TD? Those were fun. Long legged gears and quite nippy to boot..

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