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General Chat Thread, Email to supplier in General; I had a call from a salesperson from a supplier we have used in the past (the previous person we ...
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    Email to supplier

    I had a call from a salesperson from a supplier we have used in the past (the previous person we dealt with has moved on) the other day introducing themself and then a email....

    Hello Jonathon thank you for your time and as discussed here are my contact details and a brief insight to what we offer our customers.

    I just want to inform you that I will contact you once a month just to make sure your happy and that everything is running smoothly..............

    My reply:

    Dear *person*

    Thank you for your email, I am in receipt of it. We are not currently looking or have any plans for any further upgrades at this present moment in time. We had an allocation of money which we recently spent with your company with the purchase of 18 Samsung laptops. I've recently replaced our servers and installed a brand new virtualised environment which works very well and have renewed all printers and photocopiers across the enterprise. For this reason, I would prefer it if you did not bother me once a month with a telephone call to check whether I'm having a good day, what brand of coffee I'm drinking, whether I had one or two fried eggs with my breakfast and that everything is running smoothly. Thank you for the thought though.

    If however, we do make plans to purchase any new equipment, I will definitely consider <company name> when obtaining quotations and will be in contact.

    Kind Regards......

    I know its not him and probably the company pushing their staff to get extra business. I just thought it would be fun to reply.

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    You sent that? Haha! Like it.

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    Absolutely BRILLIANT!

    They obviously thought the "once a month" thing was a good thing and something for you to look forward to!

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    Unless something has gone wrong and needs replacing - and believe me, when it does, I am not going to sit there thinking "if only a supplier were to ring me now and ask how I was and if they was anything they could do for me", I am just going to buy the replacement from whom I want to - I only buy things once a year, just before summer, when my budget is fresh, shiny and bursting at the seams and I am about to have 6 weeks to play with all the new kit. Ringing me at any other time of year is a waste of all our time.

    Saying that, it's easier to take 2 minutes to say "I'm alright for now thanks" than it is to try and explain that to all the different companies. never had anyone offer to call once a month, though...

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    I had that from a supplier and joking laughed and said no thanks it would be all right. It wasn't until the 2nd or third call that it twigged they really were phoning every month. I explained as you did and they did stop calling!

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