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General Chat Thread, A typical day at your school in General; we *technically* get a 15 minute break at 11.05 and 30 minutes lunch anywhen between 12 and 2 to ensure ...
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    we *technically* get a 15 minute break at 11.05 and 30 minutes lunch anywhen between 12 and 2 to ensure continuous cover. In practice this translates to drinking coffee from a lidded mug whilst walking between jobs, followed by eating stuff between phonecalls sat at the desk!

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    MTHOMAS08 has it exactly right, we do nothing except sit in the office…
    Schools have changed into small businesses, you have a limited budget that will not last a year and with that you need to do magic, not to mention the crystal ball that’s required to know when something is no longer working ‘and they need it now’

    Good fun though – Play nice and they will pay you in chocolate biscuits…

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    I haven't worked in a school too long.. What I've learnt so far is the lesson timetable means sweet f-all. Everything goes wrong all of the time. You thank that toe-rag on the third floor is thinking "I'll wait until after lunch to unplug all of these machines."? Nuh-uh!

    It also seems everybody is too reliant on the techies. Had a guy legitimately try to plug a keyboard back in. Stuck it in the mouse slot (yes, we still have some PS/2 keyboards lay around here-and-there).. They're colour coded, HOW do you get it wrong? It seems a lot of people don't have much basic knowledge anymore. Sure, when we're dealing with a ceiling-mounted projector it may sound a bit daunting for people and they may not want to fiddle around with it, but when 95% of the complaints are "It doesn't fit the board properly! Halp!" and the answer is "Press '4', that's the autosetup button." it's a little bit tedious. Also had a complaint a PC in the LRC won't work (oh, yeah. Most of the complaints are as vague as 'It doesn't work.' without an explanation) - turns out it the kettle lead to the PSU was unplugged.

    Now sure, some pretty big things go wrong from time-to-time, but mostly it seems to be little things. Re-image machine. Plug stuff in. Autoalign projector. Turn wireless back on a laptop.

    Honestly, I'm actually really enjoying my job so far, as I've been trying to get into working with PC's (read: with, not on) for years, and it's fun to be back in the learning chair and discovering new things I didn't know. It just astounds me that the basic things I knew when I was 13/14 adults don't seem to know now.

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