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General Chat Thread, Help with .doc file! Keeps crashing/not responding in General; Hello, A colleague has an issue with a .doc file which I am also scratching my head over..... A word ...
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    Cool Help with .doc file! Keeps crashing/not responding


    A colleague has an issue with a .doc file which I am also scratching my head over.....

    A word document that has tracking in it (tracking is what shows what things have been changed in the document). When it is opened it crashes or says not responding. If I open and save on another PC it then works fine on the PC in question, but also the issue is only with these particular documents.

    Any body seen anything like this before? Any ideas?


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    Restart the print spooler service on the machine that's crashing and try again.

    Actually I think that wont work at all but worth a try anyway hahaha. Reading FAIL!
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    What version of Office are we talking about, 2003, 2010 etc ?

    Might be worth while trashing the word default template file which is generally located in the users profile

    Word 2003 :

    Removing Templates In Word (Office applications)

    to avoid the annoying "do you want to save changes to Trados7.dot" you will need to remove the "normal.dot" from word. Word will by itself start up with a new "normal.dot" when the old one is removed. I can only give you this in English.

    Click "my computer"
    Click "Local disk (C: )"
    Click "Documents and settings"
    Click "your name"
    Click "Application data"
    Click "Microsoft"
    Click "Templates"

    In this folder for templates, rename the "normal.dot" old, i.e., "normal.old.dot", OK this, and close the program. Next time Word opens up, you will have a new template and when you close Word, it will not ask you if you want to safe the changes to Trados7.dot.
    See this MS KB as well : Troubleshoot problems that occur when you start or use Word 2010, 2007, or 2003

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