This may or may not be relevant to you but I'l post it anyway.

I was told this evening that the Government are changing the ways VAT is charged for educational services. For example as it is now if University A sells a service to University B they have to charge 20% VAT. This is set to change as a push for supplying educational services.

It seems that we can may now be able to piggy back onto university procurement services. If for example University A purchases 300 new PCs then they don't pay VAT. As a school we can piggy back onto that with out order taking full advantage of any price discount given to the university for such a large order. They would then sell them onto us. It seems if they are a charity then the Uni cannot add anything more to the cost as they cannot make a profit (I assume a small admin fee would be okay). It should in theory work out cheaper than if we purchased 50 machines on our own. Buying in bulk etc etc.

Maybe you guys were already aware of this, but it was news to me. If you didn't know then maybe it's time to get friendlier with your local Uni procurement team. I assume it also works between schools selling from A to B.

Comments? Corrections?