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General Chat Thread, Car insurance - How much for my renewal!! in General; Best thing I did was state I do less than 3000 miles a year ( I do even less sometimes ...
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    Best thing I did was state I do less than 3000 miles a year ( I do even less sometimes ) This saves me a bomb. More than half which then pays for my bike insurance. No 6 wheel deals these days..... This year thinking of dropping the car to less than 2000 miles and my changing mg bike to a 350 or even 250 as our new office will soon be less than half distance than it is now. Worked out I will be saving myself in total travel / fuel / insurance almost 2000 quid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mac_shinobi View Post
    I deleted it, <un-named person> who you know totally cracked me up when she first made a sarky comment ref it being a bumper car and couldn't resist. Comment was along the lines of £60 is a lot per month for a bumper car

    Agree, if it gets you to work n back ( A to B and B to A ) then thats great

    I haven't been towed yet
    Phew! Thought I was going slightly mad... **Theres a song in there somewhere....**

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    @Dos_Box - it's no use asking for recommendations on companies, as the market is weirdly balanced. What is cheap for me this year will no doubt go up next year, even though i was a safe driver, because i'm paying for all the other people that had accidents. It will all depend on how good a year the company had, market conditions, and whether you fall into one of their black hole categories like going over 40

    The best advice i've seen is as @timzim stated via moneysavingexpert.com - It takes time, but does pay to search around, and you do need to use all 3 main tools as they cover a different section of the market, then you have to go direct to the remainder. Once you've signed up, year on year, they'll store your details so it's easy to do the same search next year.

    The pricing does vary as each tool/ search site, makes different assumptions with your data, which you'll see when you actually click through to buy, after you've tweaked it to the truth, it will no doubt go up, but you should find roughly the right deal.

    You should make sure that the core data e.g. mileage, where you park, usage type, etc is the same in all, so you don't need to tweak too much and it's starts from the same point.

    You can make big savings using a cashback or affiliate tool, but don't rely on it, it's just a bonus after you've found the best deal. I once made money on American Express Travel insurance, because my cashback was worth more than the policy

    Two top tips, though, tweaking the job title, can really help Cheap Car Insurance Job Picker: tweaking your job title can make your car insurance cheaper

    and also, the second driver, so long as not too old, or even a third driver with some companies, if it's classified as safe, can reduce the overall price. Who is the best i've found so far you ask? A teacher, would you believe, of the female variety. YMMV but if you add an extra female driver, over 25, as state school teacher, it can shave quite a lot off.

    It's worth putting on a friend from work, and lending them the car occasionally for the discount

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