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General Chat Thread, RBS chief Stephen Hester to get £963,000 bonus in General; ...
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    RBS chief Stephen Hester to get £963,000 bonus

    BBC News - RBS chief Stephen Hester to get £963,000 bonus

    Some things never change do they ? And I very much doubt Tory Toff Cameron will do anything about it. With thousands losing their jobs [ some at RBS !! ] - he is still in line to get a huge bonus. I struggle to think why anyone wants to live in this country anymore....

    And Sir Phillip Hampton is also a greedy pig tosser as he is is line to get £1.5 million share package deal on top of his salary.

    I think if I ever met either of these two in the street I happily punch them in the face and get arrested - it would be worth it.

    This is the golden opportunity for Tory Toff Cameron to show what he is made of. He should veto the RBS bonuses and if the non-exec directors resign, then he should let them go In one small swoop, he would have cleared the deck and at the same time he would be so popular that his second term victory will be ensured. But he won't because him and his Tory Toff buddies are funded by these BANKERS.
    The MPs in this country need to decide whose side they are on, your electorate to whom you have a moral responsibility or a system that is destroying the country.
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