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General Chat Thread, 16 Port USB Charging Hub For iPads And Other Apple Devices? in General; ...
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    Mini bumpage.

    Did anyone find a solution that's actually available in in the UK, and doesn't cost £1000+ to do something that can be done for £20 worth of mains extensions?

    ps, albatross that's a fairly blatant advertisement there! hehe.

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    I saw this the other day Griffin Technology 10-Bay MultiDock for iPad/iPhone/iPod ( GA23149 ) they do 10/20/30 bay options. Dont know if these are more reasonable.

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    I am not sure when it will be released in the UK, but Kanex have a 4 port USB charger for iPad's called Sydnee which provides 2.1 amps per port.

    The price on their website (£129) is the RRP and inclusive of VAT, so in practice it will be a lot lower.

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