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General Chat Thread, 'Increase access to technology in the classroom" in General; Originally Posted by sonofsanta I can't help but think that maybe he should have a more concrete outcome in mind ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sonofsanta View Post
    I can't help but think that maybe he should have a more concrete outcome in mind other than just "we need more technology!". What does your current provision not allow for? What do staff and students want to do that they can't? Ultimately it is all about the teaching and learning, and that isn't your expertise - if the professionals tell you what they want to achieve, and this absolutely needs to be a dialogue so you can spark off each others' ideas, then you can look at ways of implementing it. If you just put in more technology because it seems like a good thing, then it will sit there unused because there's not a need for it.
    I agree. I am putting together a brief document just mentioning costs, advantages/disadvantages and what will/won't run on different platforms but I'm clearly stating that it depends greatly on what teachers would like to achieve.

    Trust me, I've seen enough white elephants installed in my old job (against my wishes) to know that whatever goes in has to be what is best for education and what the teachers will want to use. Luckily being an independent there is a lot more consideration about new schemes, no money thrown around for the sake of it

    Also thanks everyone for their input

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    I would start this process by looking at problems, rather than technology.

    Where are the problems in the school? Once you have them identified, take a look at possible solutions.

    Approaching it from a purely technological angle will lead to inevitable failure in my experience, either in an educational way or in a financial way.

    Whatever you introduce isn't just a one off cost, so whatever you decide upon will need to be made clear to the head will be an ongoing cost requiring similar investment levels over long periods of time.

    A laptop trolley seems like a good purchase to many heads at first, then they get the regular repair bills, the need for new batteries every year or so, problems with making sure the devices are charged, increased demand (so you end up with more of them), the need to replace them every 3 - 5 years, the need for licenses etc... Suddenly, that relatively inexpensive initial purchase has become a very costly issue to deal with.

    What sort of support do you have in place there? Will an increased amount of ICT mean increased support costs, either via hiring someone/increasing their hours or via increased support contract costs?

    Needs determine outcomes, not desires in my view.

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