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General Chat Thread, Tickets per month? in General; As luck has it, I have the logs from last year pre christmas and post christmas School was 500 pupils, ...
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    As luck has it, I have the logs from last year pre christmas and post christmas

    School was 500 pupils, 250 machines, 80 staff

    Pre christmas - 300 in December (gearing up for no tech support over christmas), 180 in November, 110 in October. All of which get dealt with as soon as they come in
    Post Christmas - 600 in January, 400 in February, 100 in March - Again, all get dealt with as they come in

    It is NOT out of the ordinary to have high tickets in December/January

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    The thing I admire from that post is that your users seem to plan ahead for their absence and the time when you will have time to work on it, we had two weeks over the winter break which is perfect for getting jobs out if the way, but no one asked us to do anything for them, but on the first day back there were dozens of rush jobs which could have easily been done in the previous two weeks if they had been requested.

    Any suggestions for promoting that strategy/mindset?

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    Just been going over this again, and now have a nice pretty graph of tickets per week. We don't log password resets, but we can add about 75 a week for them. Our numbers have now averaged around 60 per week for the last 12 school weeks, but increasing from 54 average per week in the jan/feb to 63 per week in the last month and a half.

    And as we're moving to Windows 7 this summer, and virtualising our servers, plus a new trolley of laptops just gone in, and 3 more going in soon, plus a trolley of ipads... I suspect it may go up further still.

    Anyone else starting to feel the heat of 'the perfect storm' when it comes to age of their machines and demands upon them?

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    850 students, 450 workstations. Getting 20-30 tickets a month on Spiceworks, plus password resets (maybe 10) and a few SLT jobs don't go on there. So 50 total.

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