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General Chat Thread, What next..? in General; Hi guys, I'm coming to the end of finishing my NVQ Level 3 for IT User soon and I'm considering ...
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    What next..?

    Hi guys,

    I'm coming to the end of finishing my NVQ Level 3 for IT User soon and I'm considering my options.

    I currently work in a Primary School with a managed RM Network. It's ok..but I'd like to be more 'hands on' as it were.

    I've been looking at moving to other schools without the managed networks but as far as Server Management / Net Management goes I have no qualifications. What i'd like to know is what sort of extra qualifications are worth getting and how do i go about getting them?

    This probably gets asked all the time so apologies for this. Thanks!


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    Re: What next..?

    Intuition about all things computers and learning techy words.

    the person interviewing you will be the head, head of it and a governer, none of which will have any idea about networks. It will be like the interview from The IT Crowd. As long as you sound like you know what you are talking about you'll be fine.

    It's very sad that this actually IS the case.

    Qualifications for Network ....uhhh work.

    MCSE - however with Vista/Longhorn out it's going to be out of date straight away and it is very expensive

    CCNA - very good, highly reccomended if you can find a local college that offer it. The course will be <£600 for 1lesson/week for 39weeks and then ~£80 for the exam.

    Most of the others are just patronising and worthless IMHO

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    Re: What next..?

    You can register with Microsoft for time limited evaluation copies of many of their products. I would recommend that you do this for Server 2003 and set up your own test system based on some of the free training tools that are around. The first one that springs to mind is from [url=http://www.itidiots.com]IT Idiots{/url], but there are lots of useful tools and documents on the Technet site too.

    Also speak with your local secondary schools to see what they have installed and get advice from them, possibly even a job swap for a few days or weeks.

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