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General Chat Thread, Ditloids For Christmas 2011 in General; I sent a set of these out to our staff earlier today. Some staff have almost completed the first lot ...
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    Ditloids For Christmas 2011

    I sent a set of these out to our staff earlier today. Some staff have almost completed the first lot so I sent another lot out. Here I have merged the two and submit them now for your entertainment.

    It would not be difficult to find the websites where I culled these from if you wanted to cheat but then that isn't the game is it?

    [The 'Easy' to 'Killer' headings were not chosen by me]
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ditloids For Christmas 2011-easy-music-themed.pdf  

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    jumpinjamez (12th December 2011)

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    Am I the only one who doesn't understand what this is supposed to be lol?

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    For example, one of them might be (haven't looked) 26 = L in the A so your answer would be 26 Letters in the Alphabet

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