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General Chat Thread, Newbie looking for advice! in General; hey everyone, I've not been on edugeek that long and i've been reading some interesting posts! I've been in my ...
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    Newbie looking for advice!

    hey everyone,

    I've not been on edugeek that long and i've been reading some interesting posts! I've been in my position as an IT Technician for just over a year,getting some great experience and i love it! However, i'm looking to expand my knowledge and skills further now and have no idea where to start?! There's so much information out there and different qualifications it can be quite daunting!

    Any advice would be great and much appreciated.


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    Setup some vm's and start playing. IMHO best way to learn different stuff is to get your hands on it and play around/ Various different offerings out there, all sorts of OS's to play with linux/windows/OSX

    Look around and play. Maybe setup a LAMP server install things like moodle. Learn a coding language - for example earlier this year i decided to build the school an intranet so learnt PHP/html to do it.

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    The best route is probably MSCE - official Microsoft exams - would recommend Server 2008 and windows 7 courses.
    Courses can be expensive but if you have got time to do self study then you can get training kits off amazon and exams are only about £80 each - I would ask your school if they would help towards cost.

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