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General Chat Thread, Hello in General; Hi Everyone, Not sure how to start but here we go. I work for an company that provides technical, curriculum ...
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    Hi Everyone,

    Not sure how to start but here we go. I work for an company that provides technical, curriculum and hardware solutions to schools in the north-west, (Not sure if I am allowed to state company name, don't want to get banned on day 1!!)

    We provide technicians, predominantly into primary schools, to support schools servers and equipment, teachers that help bring IT and curriculum together, ISP services, data services etc. We are like a mini Local Authority a one stop shop for primary schools. (Not the greatest description in the world but hope it gives you an idea).

    I joined to share information and learn a bit more about what schools are looking for solutions wise and if I or my colleagues can be of any help. I am not here to hard sell anything!! But if there are any issues in relation to hardware, curriculum (schemes of work, e-safety, teacher training etc) or anything else you may want information on maybe I can help?

    We have a website, not sure if I can put it on yet, to give you an idea of who we are. We provide services to schools, so we are not a pushy sales team, I am here to help provide solutions, which hopefully we can help you with.

    Anyway that's it for now, hope this intro was OK. If I am allowed to give a web link to our website can someone let me know? I don't want to start off by coming across as a salesman, our website is not a sales site. I am pretty well up to speed on Windows 7, Win2008 R2, Apple, 'the golden triangle' and the integration into schools, although not a technician.

    If my answers are not any good, the teachers and technicians on our team may be able to help you more than I,

    Thank You

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    I know one person here that will like your name at least.

    As for your services, if you guys are ever stuck, feel free to ask us. We don't bite...much (well @RoF may bite lots, but she is really just a pussy cat)

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    Welcome on board ... folk here love firms who come in and happily share and learn from others. Community friendly firms in the EdTech arena are not that common and if you want some pointers I am sure some of the regulars from folk like Smoothwall, CS New Media, CP Ltd, etc will happily have a chat.

    If you want to go for a bit of a more high profile presence then have a chat with the admins...

    Looking forward to seeing what you bring to the group.

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