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General Chat Thread, London 2012 Olympic ceremonies budget doubled in General; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattx View Post
    Funny how the Government has found 80 odd million quid when the country is supposed to be broke. This lot are spending more than the last lot but it's ok 'cos it's all part of Cameron's Big Society, with massive un-employment, massive inflation, work until you drop dead whilst cancelling the building of schools that are falling down. Yeah nice one Dave. Oh and to top it off with that pratt Osborne saying last week that if you are on the doll you get a 5% pay increase in your allowance I sometimes wonder if this is all part of a bad dream I'm having......
    80 Million quid can get you quite alot of spilled milk as you call it, but it can also pay for a some much needed new buildings of schools around where I live that were scrapped by that other pratt Gove. But don't worry because I'm sure the kids will enjoy watching the 80 million, fancy dance whilst sitting in a building with peeling paint, leaky roof, and no text books.....
    Did you even read the article?

    The extra money comes from within the £9.3bn Olympic public funding package.
    The money was already earmarked for the olympics. Stop being so dramatic.

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    You seem to be deliberately missing my point there Mattx. The money is already spent. It is allocated, and done with. The Olympics are going ahead, there's no stopping that - if we did, the government would end up being sued 10 ways from Tuesday, and we'd end up an international laughing stock and somewhere that people don't want to do business with - because the government can't keep its promises.

    This government is making the best of what they were handed. They were handed the Olympics, by Labour, and they have to now make sure it is a success.

    The way you're talking makes it sound like then entire idea of hosting the Olympics was Cameron's idea, and that he has now decided to stop building schools to fund it. The Olympic budget was decided by Labour, not this government.

    So, direct your angst at them.

    As I said, whining about money being spent that has been intended to be spent in this way for years, is kinda like crying over spilled milk. No government would ever decide 'right, that's too much money being spent on this event that puts the country in the international spotlight, and is generating jobs, even if temporary, in the middle of an economic downturn, lets cut the budget'. The budget is a legal contract signed with the IOC.

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    Haven't they just earmarked £1.2bn to be spent on school buildings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonWPS View Post
    Haven't they just earmarked £1.2bn to be spent on school buildings?
    For Wales I think.

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    The government spends three quarters of a trillion pounds a year, and a few of you are quibbling about £40m. We spend that much per day on the EU (in various forms such as CAP payments) . We spend £80m a day on the NHS.

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