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General Chat Thread, Bletchley Park - National Museum of Computing in General; Our school did a trip to the NMoC at Bletchley Park and I was fortunate to be able to go ...
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    Bletchley Park - National Museum of Computing

    Our school did a trip to the NMoC at Bletchley Park and I was fortunate to be able to go along.

    Unfortunately some pictures I took can't be uploaded as students are photographed in them. Apologies if I get something wrong, going when you have "man flu" isn't the best time to take in information.

    This is the Colossus code breaker, it rotates a tape at 30mph to read and clicks ever few seconds.

    The BBC Micro on its 30th birthday it can still do this.....

    Also has one set up in the room with a map on:

    This machine is big, sorry wasn't listening as there were other things to see/touch and play with but it does have an Edugeeker carved into it:

    Then we got to play

    We were also show scientific calculators as well as the famous code breaker machines. The museum is interesting but I would not recommend taking anyone younger than Year 9 there.

    That will do for now picture wise. It was a good trip, however we took 40 kids on the day we went and ran the trip for 4 days.

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