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General Chat Thread, Public sector pay rises capped at 1% in General; The only divisions are in your head, or my head, or whoever decides there's a them and us atmosphere. Me? ...
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    The only divisions are in your head, or my head, or whoever decides there's a them and us atmosphere.

    Me? I don't think there's a them and us. I think some things are unfair, but its those who start going 'rabble rabble! the private sector are getting less!!! its a travesty!!' who see some form of divide which only exists in their own heads.

    People are buying into the media hyped stats which show comparisons. If everyone were to just ignore them, or were to actually build their views from stats from both sides, then this problem wouldn't exist.

    The government sit on their side of the argument giving information which makes them look good to those who will vote for them. The unions will sit on the other side, making themselves look good and the government look bad.

    In between, we have the general population who are being fed this information by another group in the middle, the media. They have a vested interest too - selling their product. If they can do that by creating an impression that there's a them and us, and then getting their customers to blindly believe it, then they will!

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    the only problem and the only divide i can see with the current changes and decisions by the government is an attempt to divide by zero

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    Quote Originally Posted by Earthling View Post
    Seems to me like you're all slowly beginning to wake up.
    That reminds me of this youtube video (it's 2.5 hours long but worth a watch): Wake Up Call - Remastered Edition - Full Movie - YouTube

    Not saying I agree or disagree (it definitely sits firmly in the realms of conspiracy theory), but there are certainly some interesting points made and I can't help but think about it now whenever I'm reading about new policies...

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