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General Chat Thread, "Cut down" Spiceworks in General; Hi all, I've done some noseying around and think I already know the answer to this is "no", but thought ...
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    "Cut down" Spiceworks

    Hi all,

    I've done some noseying around and think I already know the answer to this is "no", but thought I'd ask anyway......

    Is there a version on Spiceworks you can install on a server you only have web/ftp access to? I have a domain name and a hosting package with which I get MySQL etc and I would like to put Spiceworks on there, if only for the ticketing system. Obviously I am not expecting the network scan to work at all, that would be ridiculous, but it may still be nice to be able to manually put things in the inventory and log calls.


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    No. You're better looking at GLPI. It has an asset log, a ticketing system and is entirely web based (IIRC just an Mysql database and php files).

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