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General Chat Thread, Ask Questions on Connectivity in General; I have a 4 PC network with a router. How do I set up a Terraria server on one PC ...
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    I have a 4 PC network with a router. How do I set up a Terraria server on one PC and what address do I type in for the other computers, myself and my friends online to connect to it?

    This is reeeeal simple one for you but very practical if a bit of a devil.

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    I forgot to respond to this, so apologies...

    1) For large data rates, cabling type tends to be fibre optic - this is less susceptable to interference so the signal can go longer distances than copper based means (ie ADSL etc) and carry more data more readily. For a large secondary school, the minimum I would suggest is a 100Mb data rate, however it may be cost effective (and future proofing) to get a 1Gb (1 gigabit) bearer and purchase a "CDR" or capped rate on this - CDR in this sense is committed data rate - ie you commit to using a certain data rate (usually averaged and taken at 95% of your use - in legal terms CDR at the 95th percentile) but can burst above this - for example, you could commit to 30Mb, but be able to burst to 1Gb, as long as you don't use more than about 9TB data in a month (30Mb/8bits*secs*mins*hours*30days)... however this doesn't seem to be how they like to run ISP fibre connections - for this they tend to put a cap on your bandwidth (so you can only hit 30Mb for example) - this puts slightly less strain on the ISP's systems as they can plan for the data that they'll receive - burstable data is slightly more difficult to plan for.

    I'll do the second one later

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    Quote Originally Posted by X-13 View Post
    What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    European or African Swallow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PICNIC View Post
    European or African Swallow?
    I don't know... AAARGH!![/thrown_off_bridge]

    I can't believe it's taken nearly 2 weeks for someone to say that.

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