To me, is a load of rubbish. It gives examples of things and asks how disgusted/angry you feel to the person in the example, how much you would punish them and how wrong they were for doing something.
But with no context.
How much would I punish them? Punish as in personally, or if I were in a position of power to punish?
How wrong was what they did? As a single action or in context of a wider set of actions?

For example, it could be posed "Osama Bin Laden was killed last week"
How wrong was this? Looking on the fact a man was murdered alone, and with no context, very wrong....a man was murdered. Looking into greater context of his past actions, probably a bit more understandable on the killing. But without context I cannot answer truthfully.
A lot of the questions are like that, if you want me to base my answers purely on the question with no context, then it won't really be a fair indication of my true feelings and thoughts will it as you are asking me to make snap decisions on things I do not fully understand, then categorise me on those decisions.

**edit** I would link to the test but you have to sign in or register on the BBC and it's a load of faff for very little