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General Chat Thread, How much is this worth? in General; Hi guys, after looking into the new graphics card idea i have decided my best bet is a new MoBo/CPU/RAM/GFX ...
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    How much is this worth?

    Hi guys, after looking into the new graphics card idea i have decided my best bet is a new MoBo/CPU/RAM/GFX combo buy, but to afford it i need to sell my old computers insides, the setup im looking at will cost me 400ish quid so, how much do you think i realistically will get for:

    MoBo: Asus P5N-E SLI
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.4ghz)
    RAM: 8GB PC2-6400 Kingston Value RAM
    GFX: MSI GeForce GT8600

    As my the above wont really cut it with BF3 and Skyrim i want a nice i5 setup.

    Thanks in advance guys

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    Probably in the region of £200 or so due to it being 1st gen quad core, and a very old gfx card
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    I'd say about £300 or £350 if you are lucky. I saw a laptop on ebay the other day that someone was trying to sell for £540. It was a 4 year old Core 2 'extreme' gaming laptop that was built like a tank but had plenty of 'oompf' in its day. However a quick look on Dells site reveled that you could get a brand new i5 laptop with a 1GB GeForce 525m for that cash. I know where I'd look.
    Saying that, the seller had got 17 bids for it already!

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