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General Chat Thread, Website for Feeder - Quote Help in General; I have been asked to do a website for two of our primaries, out of hours and me being paid ...
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    Website for Feeder - Quote Help

    I have been asked to do a website for two of our primaries, out of hours and me being paid

    but how much do i charge, i will be using joomla, hosting here on our servers

    it will be a small joomla site, gallery, info news, rubberdocs, pages on each year group

    please help any ideas on price???

    btw apparently the head is coming here later today eeek

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    Setting up the website is the easy part.

    It's the on going support, maintenance, updating info, developing the site which can be a real pain or even hinder.

    I wouldn't do it extremely cheap, calculate how many hours you think it will take and get a figure around that... probably x2 your current hourly rate.

    But I strongly recommend writing up a small contract with what you will deliver and get them to sign it off etc. You can also get an on-going support contract for you to support it if wanted, or say you will have no connection after.

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    I've claimed 15 hours at my overtime rate (£225) -to set up joomla primary school websites and everyone has been very happy with that. Just stick with claiming the hours if you can, as it makes your tax position so much simpler


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    Claim hours rather than a set bill.

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