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General Chat Thread, Thieves!!!! in General; Well, that have been at it again in our area. Just been picking up tweets that we have had schools ...
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    Well, that have been at it again in our area. Just been picking up tweets that we have had schools broken into and various IT items taken including iPods, and copper cables stolen from another school so there is no electricity there.

    I don't have full details of how the schools were broken in to, but this might be a chance to speak to your schools about how they are going to prepare for the Christmas holidays and making sure everything is locked away. I know a determined thief is hard to stop and sometimes the best you can do is delay them, but this is part of the hidden cost of using technology in schools.

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    We undo the locks on the hidden crocodile pits. Thieves don't come back. (unless we have a sick crocodile)

    I hope that you've got some decent CCTV and can catch the bar-stewards! I hate people who think its ok to take stuff, try earning it. Even more despicable when you think it's really the children that they are depriving.

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    Had 6 iMacs stolen on Saturday from our Music suite. 3 guys somehow got through 3 gates, an external door and then kicked their way into the room, leaving with 2 iMacs each.

    So annoying, as it just creates work for us having to get original prices, serial numbers, lodge insurance stuff, then order new ones, get them prepped and claim the money back from the building owners.

    I only finished ordering the replacement 10 laptops for 10 that were stolen over summer too!

    People who steal from schools are lower than low, absolute scum.

    Luckily, our site is plastered with CCTV so hopefully we can catch them.

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    Unfortunately even HD CCTV images seem to be unsuitable to secure a conviction nowadays.

    I would refer you to the recent highly publicised Youtube footage of an iPad thief in Edmonton North London where the owner of the shop ended up putting a bounty on the head of the thief after the police told him his video footage was not good enough for them to trace him or make an arrest...

    It would seem that you will need to insist on a copy of their birth certificate and a DNA sample be left behind when they steal your stuff!

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