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General Chat Thread, Windows Phone 7.5 how are we finding it? in General; Hi all! Its been a while since Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) came out and I was wondering how we were ...
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    Windows Phone 7.5 how are we finding it?

    Hi all!

    Its been a while since Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) came out and I was wondering how we were all finding it and also if there are any tips/tricks to share?

    Also if you haven't already had the update you can force it (its not a hack/crack/silly thing you shouldn't do) through the Zune software by following the instructions at this link - Force Mango update early through Zune software and avoid frostbite | wpcentral | Windows Phone News, Forums, and Reviews

    Best things I have found-

    • Press + Hold the back button and you go to application switching
    • Tasks are included in outlook now
    • Tag photos as favs and they will appear in the background 'slide show'
    • Wider choice of ringtones and you can now add your own through Zune
    • Voice commands seem to work better (none of this Siri rubbish)
    • IE9!!!
    • Bing vision - go to search and tap the eye icon - QR codes work perfectly
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    I like it, I have set several people up with it. Personally I'm still on 6.5 as I was waiting to see what Nokia brought out but now I'm just waiting for the price on the Titan to come down in price. The ones I have dealt with/used are the HTC Motzart and Trophy. Everyone that I know with them is happy with them.

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    I only use it for work, so it doesn't get huge attention but I really like what they've got going on with Outlook now.

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    i got a hd 7 myself and i love it and with mango its even better just wish o2 didn't remove the tethering from 7.5.
    the only issue i have with it is battery life grr.

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    Still love it, WP really doesnt get the attention it deserves.

    Massivley prefer it over both iOS and Android.

    I really like being able to access and work on my SkyDrive documents as well in the Office Hub.

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