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General Chat Thread, Bit of a cheeky one regarding salaries in General; To clarify, when I was acting up as NM I got a little extra, I was told it equated to ...
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    To clarify, when I was acting up as NM I got a little extra, I was told it equated to the bottom rung of NM pay but I'm not overly convinced.

    I am looking at different sectors as well, I would like to stay in education and failing that the public sector because the conditions can be a lot better but I am not ruling anything out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexPilot View Post
    25k sounds pretty high for a Assistant NM
    I would agree, I am a NM here and I am just below that, also depends what exactly you are responsible for and what work you do.

    Although I am full time in the event of something serious occuring like a server kicking the bucket if I can get it fixed by staying till School Closure @9PM then it isnt a problem for me. I am not contracted to work weekends at all but again if I can fix the system on a saturday I would.

    I deal with top level stuff like planning what servers to purchase and I am the one who sets them up etc but I do also do normal supporting jobs. In the end this is not just a job to me the system here (as sad as it is to say this) is like my own child, I want it to do well.

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    the rate of pay depends entirely on location and scale of the job as has been mentioned before...1 NM I know is on nearly £50k and he is managing an academy infrastructure and 7 people under him (1 ANM, 2 STechs, 2 Techs, 2 JTechs) in North London, 1 NM I know is on just under £30k and he is all of 20 miles away from the NM in North London but does not do as much as the academy manager (manages 2 people, no where near as big on the infrastructure)

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