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General Chat Thread, Media Centre PC - What do you guys do? in General; Originally Posted by zag It isn't really ready for the prime time yet (Only alpha version is released and its ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by zag View Post
    It isn't really ready for the prime time yet (Only alpha version is released and its under heavy development) but its biggest advantage is being able to have multiple libraries so you can have Movies/Kids Movies/Music DVDs separate. XBMC drives me crazy with its one size fits all library approach.
    That's something that would be great. Even a simple PIN that you can set based on the movie's guidance rating.

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    Quick update, currently building my HP Micrososerver by installing the 'live' spin of XBMC Downloads | XBMC

    I've used the supplied 250GB disk for /boot, /, and swap partitions.

    The firmware mirroring facility is 'fake raid' and needs OS drivers so I gave up on that idea. I'm building a software-mirrored LVM volume from the Ubuntu installer (the XBMC live distro is based on Ubuntu 10.04) using two 2GB disks I managed to get for 'only' twice the retail price after the floods.

    I was going to get a bluetooth keyboard but I found this: Official XBMC Remote for Android | XBMC
    So now I can control the XBMC server with my phone! Works like a charm from the live boot, so that's cool.

    The LVM build is taking forever, but it sounds like it's busy....

    Looking forward to getting it up and running.
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