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General Chat Thread, Gas/Electric Supplier in General; Anybody heard of https://www.ebico.org.uk/...
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    Gas/Electric Supplier

    Anybody heard of https://www.ebico.org.uk/

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    Yeah, they are one of the newer ones like ovo and first:utility

    Not the chepeast though even they are nto fro profit, though this is probably because either the big 6 won't sell them energy as cheap as they sell it themselves or they don't have the bulk buy discounts.

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    Yep, I've used them. Resellers for Southern Electric IIRC.

    I used them when we were renting a property with a prepay meter, as they don't discriminate against them. Not bad for low usage households at all (I had both power and gas with them), but for more usage, you can get better deals from the package/bigger setups.

    No complaints.

    I'm currently with Eon - got my first quarterly bill for the house we've bought - £190 gas/electric, or which about £45 was gas. NOT bad at all. Compared to the last place we were in (rented), where the bills were normally about £500/quarter (old house, open plan, solid walls, single glazing etc), I think I died and went to a better place.

    Still..about £18/week usage is a bit high for my liking, so I'm hunting through the house with my power meter...SOMETHING is hungry. I got my powermeter for the whole house down to 40 watts at 10pm last night, entire ground floor and lighting circuits off..so it's something on the upper floor...heh. I do enjoy a game of "hunt the power hog".

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    I use ebico and have a pre payment meter, pay about £30 a month for both gas and electric, and top up regardless if I need too or not just in case I ever fall short and need to hold off paying for a while....cheapest supplier for my house, nut others may get a better deal elsewhere.

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    God they are expensive they want 14.658p per Kwh, i pay npower less than 9p!

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